The sun always shines in the Virgin Islands, and with this I bring you warm greetings as the Centennial Virgin Islands State Director.  I am humbled and appreciative for this opportunity and for your vote of confidence.  Your continued support of me is the fuel that will drive me to lead our State into the Centennial and beyond! Being that we are a community conscious, action-oriented organization, we must continue to embrace our founding principles, be a blessing to others, and make significant strides in contributions to our respective communities. When Zeta populated the Virgin Islands over 30 years ago, we have given our time, money, and talents to a variety of activities that not only support national initiatives but augment the local initiatives that are near and dear to our hearts.  Continuing the legacy of excellence and staying true to our Caribbean uniqueness, we will continue to promote the initiatives of our 25th International President, Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker and continue to support our Regional Director Lawanda Harper and the Second to None Southeastern Region.  We are vibrant, we are vivacious, we are VI Zetas who ROCK!